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(Sabadell 1964). He starts shooting his first photos at the age of 10. In 1988 he begins working as a photo technician at Percolor, a professional photography lab in Sabadell, combining this job with his career as an amateur car rally driver from1984 to1996.


In 1990 he opens his first photo studio focused on the industrial product area. Until 2001 most of his work is shot with Sinar 9x12, Mamiya 6x9 and Hasselblad 6x6 cameras.


In 2002 he moves work and residence to Amsterdam at the same time as he shifts from chemical to digital photography with Nikon and Hasselblad. In 2011 as a result of the economic crisis he decides to quit industrial product photography and devote himself to landscape and travel instead.


Currently based in Amsterdam, but traveling most of the time in a motorhome suited as a digital lab, which allows him to travel and work in complete freedom and thus enjoy his three passions: driving, photography and travelling. Audi and Set, his Catalan Shepherds, share every minute of this new lifestyle. Since 2013 he has done volunteer work for ANC, Assemblea Nacional Catalana.

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